October to March can bring incredible storms to the Ucluelet coastline.

Wind...rain....waves crashing....the sounds of "the perfect storm" can often be heard in Ucluelet during the months between October and March. The entire west coast of Vancouver Island is subject to some incredible storms, and Ucluelet is no exception.

Storm watching in Ucluelet is one of nature's great area attractions, and visitors abound during this time of year.

This superb storm watching season is due to the Gulf of Alaska’s Aleutian Low, formed from the growing contrast between the warm air over the North Pacific and the cooler landmasses of Asia and America.

Because storm watching season is our "low season" for tourism in Ucluelet, our Liahona Guest House rates are at their lowest. Come experience first-hand the absolute power of nature, and stay warm and cozy in our guest house at a super affordable price!